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Becoming A Strategic Networker

Becoming A Strategic Networker

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Something everyone wants is to have the right results faster, in both their business and personal life. For over thirty years, Tony Jeary, known as The RESULTS Guy™, has been studying how to apply intentional strategic thinking and actions to make that a reality. Along the way, he uncovered the seven principles that form the foundation for this book. Now, many of the world’s top leaders―Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, New York Life, Samsung, and others―fly into Tony’s Strategic Acceleration Studio and pay millions to learn these principles.

Ryan Chamberlin has built large, sustainable organizations in networking for almost twenty years and has reached the top in the industry. Through his books and methodologies, he is now known as a top trainer and coach to many networking leaders. Ryan was already very successful when he hired Tony almost ten years ago to coach him to the next level. He made the strategic decision to drive these seven principles throughout his networking organization. As a result, he saw his personal earnings increase by millions more and was able to help many others achieve high-level results. 

In this book, those two worlds have been merged together. Tony Jeary and Ryan Chamberlin combine their decades of experience and success to give you the pivotal push you need to catapult your business to the top level. Their seven RESULTS principles, each supported by three strategies, provide the blueprint for building your own multi-million-dollar organization. You’ll learn how to bring clarity and focus to your business that will help you execute your values-based goals and bring them to reality. And you’ll discover what it takes to make that giant step from great to operating in mastery. 

Implement these proven twenty-one strategies in your business now to become a Strategic Networker!

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