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The Mentor: The Dream, The Struggle, The Prize

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MICHAEL and KRISTEN HARPER are a typical Christian couple “trying to make ends meet.” They find themselves, living paycheck-to-paycheck, struggling with bills and unable to get ahead in life. After being introduced to Network Marketing, Michael believes he may have found a better way. When his three best friends try to discredit the industry, Michael is tempted to trust their opinions.
Fortunately, Michael recalls an encounter he had at his father’s funeral with BLAKE EASTON, a high school dropout turned multi-millionaire. After discussing it with his wife, Michael decides to call Blake and ask him for financial advice. Little did he know that one simple phone call would change the direction of his circumstances and send the Harper’s on a life-altering journey. 
Based upon a true story and actual events, the co-authors, Ryan Chamberlin and Frank Viscuso have written a fictional novel that Brings in their Christian principles and reveals the struggles, hardships and the rewards of building a business, discovering a better tomorrow and winning the prize of life. This riveting tale uncovers the most treasured secrets to building a network marketing business—in the most unusual, but prolific way—in narrative form. Journey along with Michael, as Blake Easton, the Mentor, educates and imparts wisdom and knowledge through life-lessons, providing the pupil and the reader with tips on how to develop a profitable business and succeed in all areas of life.

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