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The Rich You Formula: Living in the Pursuit of Excellence

The Rich You Formula: Living in the Pursuit of Excellence

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What would it mean to be RICH if there were no such thing as money? Authors Gary Smalley and Ryan Chamberlin believe the rich you formula is a proven model for suc­cess and happiness in life; a life which can rightly be called the “rich life.” The Rich You For­mula is a calculated and progressive pattern governed by a core compo­nent (belief) that empowers an individual to implement a four-step process (dream, strategy, actions, and results) creating positive momentum in order to accomplish certain and specific goals.  

Furthermore, the rich life is maximized by a continual development of your belief system in the areas of responsibility, relationships, leverage, leader­ship, and legacy. In this book you will learn key principles that have been used repeatedly by many rich people.  The authors are not necessarily referring to the rich people you see on the covers of magazines or headlining the newest blockbuster movie. They are talking about rich people who have an impact in their work­place and community. They believe that the rich you formula will help you become who you have always wanted to be, and show you how you too can live a rich life.

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