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Think Big! Discover Powerful Stories from Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Athletes, Real Estate Investors, Entertainers, Speakers, and More

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Featuring – Founder of Jim Rohn International, Marketer, and Speaker Kyle Wilson, Iconic Speaker, Author, and Trainer Brian Tracy, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Editor-in-Chief of The LA Girl Erika De La Cruz, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author David Imonitie, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Real Estate Trainer Brian Buffini, CEO of Eastman-Beaudine, Speaker, and Author Bob Beaudine, NFL Player, ABC’s Shark Tank Guest, and Founder of Ice Shaker Chris Gronkowski – and Many More!

With foreword by Robert Helms, 
Think Big! brings you story after story of overcoming, growth, and transformation from entrepreneurs, professionals, real estate investors, entertainers, speakers, and more! You will be lifted up and inspired!

Fans of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, and Darren Hardy will discover stories full of applicable strategies and real-life lessons on how to THINK BIG! through life’s obstacles and realize your greatest visions and ambitions.

Compiled and created by Kyle Wilson, Jim Rohn’s 18-Year Biz Partner, Marketer, Strategist, and Founder of Jim Rohn International alongside Book Editor and Writing Coach Takara Sights.

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Each author, and everyone behind the scenes, has put great effort into ensuring this book will make a positive ripple in the world. We are honored by you taking the time to read these stories and continuing to make waves by thinking big!

From all of the authors: Brian Tracy, Eric Zuzack, Rasheed Louis, Babette Brigitte Teno, Bob Beaudine, Cheri Perry, Mark Livingston, Angela Penteado, Andrew McWilliams, Brian Buffini, Craig Moody, Evette Rhoden, Saket Jain, Mark Hartley, Michelle Kimbro, Thomas M. Barba PT, David Kafka, Dr. Ashley Blake, Shannon Robnett, David Imonitie, Phillip Warrick, Lucelia Chou, Ravin S. Papiah, Dr. Eric N. Shelley, Glade Poulsen, Nancy Lunter Yatzkan, Greg Zlevor, Jack Langenberg, Vickie “Sunshine” Cortes, Randy Wilson, Chris Gronkowski, Alan Stewart, Imre Szenttornyay, Laura Thompson, Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, Ryan Chamberlin, Phyllis Ayman, Ben Andrews, Wagner Nolasco, Dan Armstrong, Erika De La Cruz, and Kyle Wilson—

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